545RFE Updated Mopar OEM Solenoid Pack (All Model Years)

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

 545RFE Updated Mopar OEM Solenoid Pack (All Model Years)

   The 545RFE Solenoid Pack is the hydraulic, electronic and mechanical hub of the transmission responsible for opening and closing critical oil circuits at strategic TCM-commanded times to catalyze and facilitate desired clutch applications and combinations.

    In simpler terms, it serves the role of controlling what functions of the transmission (such as clutch packs) turn on, and when and is a critical part of the 545RFE valve body. For further details on the failures there within, read our technical publication on 545RFE valve body failures and solutions here:

>>> https://nextgendiesel.com/blogs/transmissions-101/545rfe-valve-body-and-upgrades <<<

     Naturally, this design however leaves the product open to many failures. The OEM 545RFE Solenoid Pack is generally reliable, but fails moreso due to aggressive valve body failures that introduce dirty oil to this unit and cause flexion to the internal pressure manifold of the pack itself, negatively impacting reliability.

     Though this is the case, nothing is more reliable than an OEM 545RFE Mopar Solenoid Pack! There are various options on the market, often cheaper. This is a true, OEM solenoid pack, delivered in the original Mopar box, and is tested before embark. These should be replaced with ALL rebuilds and valve body swaps.