Project Carbon® 4R100 High Performance Valve Body

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

The 4R100 Project Carbon® Valve Body, A Valve Body for Everyone:

     At Next Gen Drivetrain™, we understand that all of our clientele have different and unique needs. This is one of the reasons our 4R100 Project Carbon® valve bodies are so special, they address all mutual problems that span across all applications to ensure perfect hydromechanical integrity, with ZERO crossleakage, ever! 

     Customers who tow, drag race, daily drive and commute will all experience common valve body wear points, bleed-offs and collateral complications. This drove us to develop a valve body that was easy to install and yields crisp, engaging and confident shifts! We offer multiple calibratory differences to ensure a bespoke solution for any customer.

     Daily drivers, tow-trucks, commuters and weekend warriors will favor our Street & Tow calibration, designed for a pleasurable and responsive road-driving experience. This is a "Slightly firm" shifting calibration. Our most audacious customers will favor our Race calibration. This calibration is designed to minimize the venting time of various clutch packs at specific times to catalyze the fastest shifting possible, simultaneously yielding a considerably firmer shift.

     Keep in mind that NONE of our valve bodies are "necksnappers." Aggressive shifting is generally unnecessary and indicates often the use of cheap parts and design quality. It reflects no level of refinement in the product. McLaren's don't shift that way, why should your truck? It is through this logic that we are immensely proud of our Project Carbon® series of valve bodies, so much so that they're all offered a lifetime warranty with no mileage limitations!

This is a must-have for the following applications:

- Daily Driving

- Drag Race/Street Race

- Commuting

- General Enhancement

- Towing

- Decreased Transmission Maintenance Costs

This 4R100 Valve Body will provide you with:

- Faster Shifting

- Crisper Clutch Handoffs

- Faster Acceleration

- Enhancement to Transmission Clutch Life

- Increased Clutch Holding Power

- Fixes Common Pressure Bleeds at High Temp/Pressure

Project Carbon® 4R100 Valve Body Features:

- CNC Ground Billet Steel NeverLeak 2-3 Shift Valve

- (3) CNC Ground Billet Steel Line Regulator Valves

- CNC Ground Billet Steel Line Boost Valve Sleeve

- CNC Ground Billet Steel Line Boost Valve


         The Project Carbon® 4R100 Valve Body is designed to be the pinnacle of Next Gen Drivetrain™ technology; sufficing any and ALL applications. Whether your priorities are longevity, performance, towing or otherwise, the Project Carbon® valve body is the premier option! For more information, call in and speak to one of our experts.