47RE Street & Tow Valve Body

Next Gen Diesel

Maximum performance, longevity and durability without sacrifice.

This 47RE valve body was designed for the 99%, whether you're a daily driver, a street rod, a hot-shotter, or any combination there within, this is an absolute must. Allow us to tell you why.

The 47RE and 48RE are incredibly capable, durable and high performing units that are plagued by poor product quality from the factory. Properly built, these units can withstand the most aggressive and gutwrenching levels of abuse, from the street to the strip. Unfortunately, these units in their original form are not prepared to meet the needs of even the most conservative trucks.

These are some differences you will see with this valve body:

- Increased line pressure, up to 225PSI locked.

- Drastically faster shifts.

- Smooth, crisp and concise lockup and shift behavior.

- Improved acceleration due to decreased shift times.

- Tremendously enhanced longevity and durability.

- Increased clutch apply pressures.

- Better timed band apply and release.

- Stronger servo apply pressures.

And far more.

This product resolves:

- Excessive converter drainback

- Poor shift quality.

- Governor Pressure Failure

- Shift Flare

- Bind ups/Clutch Tieover

- Slippage

Unit Features:

- Complete Disassembly

- Complete and thorough cleaning of all internal components

- Discard of ANY components indicating signs of wear

- Recalibration 3-4 Accumulator Piston Spring

- Brand New Lockup + Overdrive Solenoid Assembly

- Custom Steel Separator Plate

- New Custom Modified TCC Boost Plate

- Custom Steel Ground Manual Valve

- Recalibration of Detent System

- Custom Hardened Boost Valve Spring Retainer

- Ground Switch Valve

- Custom Oil Drain Ground Into Valve Body

- Recalibration of TV Valve Spring for Better Shift Timing

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