47RE/48RE OEM Updated Anti-Cavitation Filter & Pan Gasket Service Kit

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

47RE/48RE OEM Updated Anti-Cavitation Filter Kit:

     In 2003 when Chrysler switched to the 48RE, they also updated the filter to an enclosed metal filter with a drawpoint towards the back of the transmission. This was primarily done for two reasons:

  1. Remove the potential for cavitation caused by the inferior open filter design.
  2. Bring the draw point of transmission oil further back in the transmission.

     The second serves to remedy a complaint of transmissions that are low on oil starving themselves because of climbing a high grade. In the old open filter, with the drawpoint far to the front of the unit, some owners would report the transmission neutralizing during hill ascent.

     This is because if the transmission is low on oil, and you enter a steep ascent, the oil would slosh to the back of the transmission and the filter could no longer hold the vacuum necessary to siphon it to the pump. The solution is to update to the advanced and reliable updated 48RE filter, regardless of being a 47RE or 48RE.

     Further, the OEM pan is very prone to leakage and dirty gasket-maker materials are very unfavorable to use. Our gasket is designed to be an easy, clean and superior sealing alternative to using cheap gasket-makers. If you have any additional questions about servicing your 47RE or 48RE, call in and speak to one of our experts today!