47RE/48RE High Performance Governor Pressure Transducer

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

48RE High Performance Governor Pressure Transducer:

     Starting for model year 2000, Chrysler forfeited the generally reliable metal transducer for the plastic transducer found in the late 47RE and all years of 48RE, including the Viper. The sensor is less reliable not because of its plastic construction, that is merely the casing, but rather because of its interior design.

     The copper windings inside this sensor are smaller in gauge than the predecessor, causing them to radiate more heat rational to the same amount of current. This sensor uses control and return voltage to calculate line pressure, so if one turns up line pressure and does not modify this component or the oil geometry of the governor pressure passageways to compensate for this, the transductive sensor can “pop” like an overloaded light bulb.

     The solution for an overloaded lightbulb is a thicker and stronger filament, and the solution for this sensor is thicker and stronger copper windings. This transducer comes with upgraded internal copper and other materials designed to withstand added stress environments safely and reliably. This is safe to use in even an OEM unmodified transmission, and all 2000+ 47RE and 48RE owners should consider this a MUST update for any hopes in longevity and reliability!

*Note: The service life of electronics on the 47RE and 48RE is 100,000 miles or 10 years, if you have never replaced your OEM electronics, they are likely exiting their serviceable life and should be replaced as an act of good maintenance!*