47RE/48RE Reinforced Overdrive Housing

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

The Problem:

     The OEM 47RE and 48RE Overdrive Housing is a common failure due to its thin casting and low quality aluminum. In various applications ranging from towing to racing to daily driving, it can crack and total the transmission, necessitating a complete rebuild along the way.

The Solution:

     This reinforced 47RE and 48RE Overdrive Housing is a successor by part number to the original housing to come on the truck from the factory. This OEM update was made as a response to a large volume of warranties at the time the transmission was used in OE production. It is critical for anyone seeking to ensure this problem does not effect their transmission. With thicker casting in grossly problematic areas, this reinforced 47RE and 48RE overdrive housing is a once and done bolt-on solution.

*Must update park pawl for 47RE.*

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