High Performance 4.0L Audi 5 BAR MAP Sensor

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

*Please Note* All 4.0L Engines Use Three (3) of These Sensors! Anyone Seeking to Convert to a 5 BAR MAP System Should Purchase 3 Sensors.


     The OEM 4.0L MAP Sensor is a hindrance in virtually any performance build because it cannot read the boost figures necessary to accurately adjust fuel delivery in a high boost environment. This hyper-reliable, OEM quality, easy to install replacement is manufactured to OEM specification, but with a modified electromechanical diaphragm designed to enable it to read much higher power figures safely and accurately. This is a must for ANY modified 4.0L engine.

Performance Benefits:

     From the factory, it only reads up to 3 BAR (43PSI), which is insufficient for larger turbos and more aggressive fueling. When the vehicle produces more than this figure, there is no way to accurately adjust fuel delivery for the corresponding amount of air entering the engine. When exceeding the maximum boost figure the MAP sensor can safely read, this creates a condition whereby the ECU immediately pulls fuel and illuminates the check engine light.

     Unfortunately, the OEM sensor just isn’t up to the job and aftermarket sensors are deeply unreliable. Some are even so poorly made that they’re an aftermarket sensor glued into a stock sensor. This is a massive reliability concern for upgraded 4.0L engines. The solution is Next Gen Drivetrain’s 4.0L 5 BAR MAP Sensor Kit, manufactured, and thoroughly tested to ensure reliable performance. This enables you to run over 72PSI of boost with flawless fuel delivery, unlocking the potential of the vehicle.

Reliability Benefits:

     MAP Sensors fail due to the internal diaphragm physically breaking or distorting over time due to simple wear and tear associated with doing it’s job. The conversion to a 5 BAR operating system is a paramount reliability upgrade because it significantly overbuilds the sensor to withstand prolonged abuse and rigor. Using this sensor on a conservative or extreme build is a radical decrease in the potential for MAP Sensor failure.

Note For ECU Tuners:

     This product will require an easy and simple modification  to the ECU tune’s “Scaling.” Any ECU tuner can execute this change and a small instruction sheet is included with this product. We would love to answer any questions you or your tuner may have.


     Do not be fooled by cheap 4 BAR or makeshift 5 BAR MAP Sensors. Whether you’re sick of MAP sensor codes or you want to get the most out of your performance build, this product is imperative to your 4.0L engine. Unlock your engines additional potential while installing a critical reliability update with our easy to install 4.0L 5 BAR MAP Sensor Kit. Still have questions? Call in and speak to an expert today!