Project Carbon® 66RFE Billet Accumulator Piston

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

Project Carbon® Billet Accumulator Pistons:

     You can think of accumulator pistons as the shock absorbers of the Valve Body. They’re designed to help regulate pressure during clutch application. The factory units are hunks of plastic trash that lead to catastrophic failure of the transmission along with abysmal shift quality. We designed our Project Carbon® Accumulator pistons here in-house to present a perfect seal and make bore wear a thing of the past.

     These pistons feature an industry leading FIVE seals per piston, making them the only air-tight pistons available. Further, the tolerances are set to 0.001” of piston clearance on each side after the rings have sized in, making them a truly flawless fit. These pistons (and frankly all of the parts in this kit) are what enable us to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our Project Carbon® Billet Valve Body. These pistons are a change you can feel!