Refined Automotive Custom Engineering Xpeditionary (RACE-X) Program

What is the RACE-X Program?

     RACE-X is Next Gen Drivetrain's custom product Research & Development program, specializing in futuristic automotive performance technologies. Our scope of research and development spans from the most rigorous transmissions available for roadgoing diesel trucks, to shaving down Lamborghini and SRT acceleration times with our "Formula One" valve body series, to now designing ultra-efficient SynRM and Induction motor upgrades for the EV community.

What is our Mission?

     At Next Gen Drivetrain, our mission is to use the power of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical engineering to reinvent the way your vehicle moves. Our vision is clear; to exhilarate, innovate and scintillate while dominating the challenges of the automotive world today, from Cummins, to McLaren, to Tesla. A merger of Formula One Performance and Next Gen Diesel, our name is synonymous with years of futuristic technology, ultra-durable design and enhanced performance.

What does this mean for the Diesel industry?

     This is Next Gen's eldest pedigree. Formerly Next Gen Diesel, Next Gen Drivetrain's proudest contributions are to markets such as the Cummins, DuraMax and Power Stroke communities. We've developed multiple lines of purpose built transmissions designed to support everyone from rigorous hotshotters, to Sunday Drivers, to all out racing applications. We remain committed to engaging, high quality product development standards for the entire diesel transmission community. This includes Allison, 48RE, 68RFE, Aisin Seiki, TorqShift and many more.

What does this mean for the Gas industry?

     Over the years, we have performed extensive research on the demands of each community we serve. We discovered that the Lamborghini Urus community wanted crisp and instantaneous shifts, that the SRT community needed to withstand dramatic power increases and much much more. In doing so, we brought our industry-leading "Formula One" valve body series to the Gas world to support nearly all ZF8 automatics available. You can now enjoy easy to install state-of-the-art transmission upgrades that can be done in a driveway thanks to our RACE-X Program.

What does this mean for the EV industry?

     It is no doubt that electricity is in many ways, the future. With this comes multiple areas for dramatic improvement. These range from the incredibly cheap design of the Tesla Model 3's SynRM Rotor, to the incredible mass of soon-to-be outdated Lithium Ion 18650 and 21700 style batteries used in most battery packs on the road today. We are actively researching the potential for market-disrupting products such as upgraded SynRM Rotors for efficiency, power and reliability; as well as Solid-State battery conversions for presently Lithium-Ion vehicles seeking dramatic weight savings, increased range and longevity.

Footnotes for Developers & Engineers

     If you have an automotive product design within our scope of practice, we offer R&D services to bring these designs to life. We proudly offer support with friction material manufacturing, CNC machining, drafting, product design, abuse testing, consultation and more. We are currently especially interested in Solid-State battery technology, SynRM motors with permanent magnet design, Class 8 Allison Torque Converters and Graziano “Seamless Shift” Dual-Clutch (McLaren, Lamborghini, Aston Martin etc) systems. If you are interested in any of these projects or something totally unique, please call in and ask to speak to our engineer!