6R140 Torque Converters

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Home Power Stroke 6R140 (2011 to 2019) Torque Converters
At Next Gen Diesel, we offer 6R140 Torque Converters designed for a variety of applications. The 6R140 torque converter has a lot of unique challenges that contribute to it's probable failure in increased power applications, necessitating billet parts. It is not unheard of for as little as a tuner to cause the lockup clutch assembly at the front of this torque converter to succumb to the monstrous torque this 6.7L motor manages to produce when less restricted. Components such as the stator, impeller hub, lockup piston and more are likely to fail as well. All of our 6R140 torque converters are manufactured in-house by hand, leak tested, balanced and sent to their new home. Check out our collection now!