SuperStock 6R140 w/ Torque Converter (600HP)

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

This built 6R140 transmission is a very capable unit, benefiting from great clutch volume and strong internal components. The Achilles' Heel of this unit however has always been the pump and valve body. The SuperStock 6R140 transmission is designed for the type of customer who demands longevity, reliability, practicality and driving dynamics for day to day use in a stock to moderately built 6.7L Power Stroke. This unit is perfect for deleted trucks!

This built 6R140 transmission features:

- Quad Disk Torque Converter

- Next Gen Diesel F1 Pump Assembly

- Next Gen Diesel F1 Valve Body Assembly

- Mag Hytec Deep Pan

- Raybestos GPZ Friction Module

- Coated Kolene Steel Module

- New Custom Roller Bearing Kit

- New Bushing Kit

- All Applicable Seals/Gaskets