Project Carbon® 10L90-E Feed Limit Valve Upgrade (Gen 2 Only)

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.

Note: Two Required Per Transmission!

Project Carbon® 10L90-E Feed Limit Valve Update:

     A common problem, the General Motors 10L90-E Feed Limit Valve is responsible for regulating the amount of fluid pressure being fed to a specific clutch pack. Much like General Motors transmissions of the past such as the 8L90-E, the feed limit valve system is known to wear out the bore around the valve, specifically at the spring pedestal, allowing line pressure to exit the apply circuit. This results in a parasitic loss of line pressure, and can create multiple issues. 

     The Project Carbon® 10L90-E Feed Limit Valve Update by Next Gen Drivetrain is the single best replacement for this failure-prone part. Best of all, our Project Carbon® valve updates install easily with no machining required! Nearly all valve bore damage can be measured in thousandths of an inch, our valves use modified dimensions and additional sealing rings to resolve these issues without the complicated machining and reaming process.

     Additionally, machining out valves often results in the same problem again as time goes on. Our 100% proprietary, made in-house design is specifically engineered to survive the life of the vehicle. The O-Rings and added spool area will repair integrity of the oil circuit with nothing more than a simple drop-in. These are the same valves we use in our coveted Project Carbon® valve bodies, famous for their lifetime, unlimited mileage warranty.

Signs You May Need This Product:

- Slow/Slurred Shifts
- Intermittent Slipping
- P07XX and P27XX Fault Codes
- High Operating Temperature
- Failsafe Mode/Limp Mode
- Shift Issues Only at Higher Temperatures
- Damaged A Clutch Pack
- Damaged B Clutch Pack

Benefits Of This Product:

- Crisper Shifts
- Restores Lost Line Pressure
- Enhanced Longevity
- Decreases Operating Temperatures
- Prevents Future Failures
- Supports Consistent Shift Behavior
- 100% Drop-In - NO Machining Needed!
- No Special Tools Needed
- Proudly 100% American Engineered & Manufactured


     If you're working on an General Motors 10L90-E transmission, the Project Carbon® 10L90-E Feed Limit Valve Upgrade is a must to prevent multiple future issues. Our direct replacement upgrade fixes valve bore wear and restores and improves shift quality immediately. If you have questions, we would love to help. Call in and speak to an expert today!