Street Allison (800HP)

Next Gen Diesel

This unit is designed to hold the most rigorous demand of the 800HP DuraMax’s. In your unit you’ll find:


- SunCoast SFI Approved Billet Flexplate
- 300M Billet Input Shaft
- Billet C2 (Anodized)
- Next Gen Diesel High Pressure Performance Valve Body
- New OEM Pressure Manifold Switch
- Triple Disk Billet Converter w/ Billet Stator
- Modified Sun Gear
- Mag Hytec Deep Pan
- New Solenoid Set
- New Wiring Harness
- Next Gen Diesel High Pressure Pump
- Added Clutches/Steels to C1
- Added Clutches/Steels to C2
- Added Clutches/Steels to C3
- Added Clutches/Steels to C4

- Billet Reaction Plates
- Next Gen Diesel Master Overhaul kit
- C3 Oiling PTO Covers
- New OEM Thrust Bearing/Washer Kit