Performance 48RE (1000HP)

Next Gen Diesel

Please call us after your order for us to discuss your custom valve body configuration! Constant pressure and manual ARE available!

Compare us to the competition and you’ll see that we offer the most comprehensive 48RE available and for an unbeatable price! We’ve found that in heavily built applications, input and output shaft failure can become troublesome on the 48RE. This kit addresses this issue as well as potential flexplate failure with all billet replacements. This kit consists of everything you need to not only overhaul your 48RE, but also enhance the troublesome LSA assembly and converter to hold the power of a 1,000HP truck. This package comes with: 

- Next Gen Diesel High Performance Valve Body 
- 23 Spline Billet Input Shaft
- Line Bored Billet 23 Spline Stator Support
- SFI Approved Custom Flexplate
- Custom High Pressure Pump
- 23 Spline Billet Stator Converter
- Mag Hytec Double Deep Pan
- 300M Billet Intermediate Shaft
- 23 Spline Billet Output Shaft
- Billet Forward Drum
- Billet Direct Drum
- Billet Reaction Shell
- Billet Apply Pistons
- Billet 2nd Gear Band w/ Kevlar Lining
- Billet Intermediate Servo
- Billet 1-2 Accumulator Piston
- Billet Low/Reverse Servo
- Billet Lever
- Billet Strut
- Billet Anchor
- Next Gen Diesel Complete Overhaul Kit
- Raybestos GPZ Complete Friction Module