Race 68RFE (Rebuild Kit - 850HP)

Next Gen Diesel

This is the DIY Kit version of the Race 68RFE.

The Race 68RFE from Next Gen Diesel is designed to accommodate those who want a perfect mix of longevity and performance. It is designed to withhold the abuse of our most rigorous road-bearing customers while staying cool, shifting fast and getting power to the ground, featuring many patent pending groundbreaking components.


- Billet SFI Approved Flexplate
- Billet Low Stall Triple Disk Torque Converter
- Billet Impeller
- Lockup Clutch Dampener
- Billet Lockup Clutch Apply Piston
- Billet 300M Input Shaft
- Billet 4C Return Spring Retainer
- Billet 4C Stepdown
- Billet 2C Apply Piston
- Billet Input Clutch Retainer
- Billet Input Drum (Stinger)
- Central Pump Gear Bushing Insert
- Billet TC Limit Valve Sleeve
- Billet Accumulator Piston's w/ Custom Relief Circuits
- Billet Solenoid Switch Valve Assembly
- Billet L/R Switch Valve Assembly

- F1 Billet Channel Plate
- Stamped Steel Accumulator Backing Plate
- TC Switch Valve Spring Upgrade
- Next Gen Bulletproof Sprag Assembly
- Raybestos GPZ Complete Friction Module
- Complete Overhaul of all seals and gaskets
- Mag Hytec Deep Pan
- Next Gen Diesel F1 Valve Body Parts Package w/ NeverLeak™
- Next Gen Diesel F1 Pump™ Parts Package
- New OEM Solenoid Pack