Competition 48RE (2500HP)

Next Gen Diesel

This is the most comprehensive built 48RE transmission one can buy. We designed this transmission to withstand the most extreme levels of abuse whilst simultaneously dominating high performance street applications.

This built 48RE transmission comes with:

- Next Gen Diesel High Performance Valve Body 
- 37 Spline Billet Input Shaft
- Steel Reinforced Billet 37 Spline Stator Support
- SFI Approved Custom Flexplate
- Custom High Pressure Pump
- SunCoast 37 Spline Billet Stator Converter
- Mag Hytec Double Deep Pan
- Maraging Steel Intermediate Shaft
- 29 Spline Output Shaft
- Billet Forward Drum
- Billet Direct Drum
- Billet Reaction Shell
- Billet Apply Pistons
- Billet 2nd Gear Band w/ Kevlar Lining
- Billet Intermediate Servo
- Billet 1-2 Accumulator Piston
- Billet Low/Reverse Servo
- Billet Lever
- Billet Strut
- Billet Anchor
- Complete Overhaul Kit
- Raybestos GPZ Complete TorqKit Module
- Steel Reinforced Planetary Assemblies