47RE Xtreme Tow™ Billet Torque Converter

Next Gen Drivetrain, Inc.


     This is the Xtreme Tow™ version of our 47RE Torque Converters. The 47RE is plagued with a torque converter that robs power, generates heat, suffers from rancid drainback issues and more. In fact, our Transmissions 101 Series on the 47RE and 48RE and all of their problems and solutions here:

>>>  47RE/48RE Transmission • Problems & Solutions

This unit is best for:
  • Daily Driving
  • Towing/Hot-Shotting
  • Stock to Light Power Increases
  • Long-Lasting Clutch Materials
  • Freeway Pulls
  • Firm but Predictable Lockup
  • Commercial Use
  • Heavy Payload

Our 10-Step Torque Converter Remanufacturing Process:

  1. The first step in our remanufacturing process is a complete and total disassembly and inspection of all internal components, including the sprag, lockup assembly, dampener springs, apply piston and more.

  2. All wear components, such as bushings, bearings, washers, gaskets, seals, O-Rings, clutches, steels and more, are thrown away regardless of their health or usability, even if brand new.

  3. An intense cleaning session using the highest quality cleaning agents available to modern manufacturing ensues, steam tanking and hand cleaning these parts for up to 2 hours.

  4. We begin our inspection of the few remaining core hard parts to ensure that they are 100% re-usable, unworn and undamaged. Should a core part (such as a turbine) be irreparably deficient or unusable, it is properly discarded and replaced with a brand new one.

  5. At this point, the assembly process begins. All components consistent with your build sheet are staged and the proper machining, assembly, balancing and calibration of the product begins.

  6. Upon completion of all assembly, applicable components are individually tested on their respective machinery to ensure proper function and integrity.

  7. At this point, final assembly begins. All pre-assembled internal components are then welded on a state-of-the-art turntable welding machine, tested and forwarded to quality assurance.

  8. Prior to leaving our facility, a separate team member then inspects the final product, ensuring that the product matched the build sheet, and finishing touches like sensors or pan bolts are retorqued to assure future success for our product.

  9. At this point, the completed transmission is crated, the logistics of delivering your product are coordinated, and the item will proceed to shipping to prepare for embark to it’s new home.

  10. Upon completion of the 9 previous steps, you will receive notification of the product’s completion, passage of our quality control measures, and tracking information once applicable!

Xtreme Tow™ 47RE Billet Torque Converter Build Specifications:

- Full Billet Cover

- Billet Turbine Hub

- Chromoly Impeller Hub (Critical for heavy towing or enlarged tires, this piece snaps off inside the pump in many cases, often totaling the transmission)

- Furnace Brazed Impeller Fins

- CNC Machined Stator w/ Custom Stall Speed

- Updated Dampener Springs for Slightly Firmer Lockup

- Custom Sprag Assembly + Retainer

- Alto Lockup Clutch Friction

- OEM Seal Replacements

- OEM Bearing Replacements


     Our Xtreme Tow™ 47RE Billet Torque Converter is a totalitarian solution to all of the prolific issues found in this faulty design. For a customer seeking a generic upgrade to enhance drivability, or an incredibly durable torque converter that can carry virtually any load, this torque converter is a powerful option!