68RFE Transmissions for Sale

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Home Cummins 68RFE (2007.5 to 2019) Transmissions

If you’re looking for a transmission for your Cummins, manufactured between 2007 and 2019, Next Gen Diesel has the parts you need. Our Cummins 68RFE transmission is a six-speed, automatic transmission that will give your diesel truck more muscle than previous models. We carry 68RFE transmissions for sale. Do you use your truck for everyday commuting and don’t need more than 650 HP? Opt for our street model. This option provides a long-lasting transmission that will give you peace of mind. Do you demand the most out of your ride? Our competition model can handle up to 1,000 horses, and it will give you maximum power for whatever you throw at it. Learn more about our 68RFE transmissions for sale!