68RFE Diesel Transmission Rebuild Kits

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Home Cummins 68RFE (2007.5 to 2019) Rebuild Kits

If you enjoy fixing up your own truck, our rebuild kits give you everything you need. Next Gen Diesel offers 68RFE diesel transmission rebuild kits, so you can fix your own diesel Ram truck’s manufactured between 2007.5-2019. We carry various Cummins transmission rebuild kits, which includes street, race, overhaul, superstock, and competition models to accommodate your needs. For racers and enthusiasts, we recommend opting for a competition or race transmission rebuild kit. Each kit includes various components that you will need to complete the rebuild including clutch retainers, input shafts, input drums, and accumulator pistons. Each component is manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure they’ll last for years, no matter what you put your American-made truck through. Order your 68RFE diesel transmission rebuild kit today!