47RE Transmission Parts

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Home Cummins 47RE (1996 to 2003) Parts
At Next Gen Diesel, we’re on a mission to help you get the most out of your ride. If you need to upgrade certain components, or you just need a replacement part on your 1996-2003 Ram truck, we’ve got the parts you require. We offer aftermarket 47RE transmission parts designed to keep your truck running for years to come. Our inventory includes pressure conversion kits, output/input shafts, converters, double deep pans, and much more. If you push your truck to the max, opt for a double deep pan. This will keep your transmission cool whether you just drive around town or race with your truck. If you want to upgrade your American-made truck to get more torque, opt for one of our more powerful torque converters. Check out our 47RE transmissions parts!