68RFE Transmission Parts

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Home Cummins 68RFE (2007.5 to 2019) Parts

If you’re looking to replace or upgrade a piece of your 68RFE, we carry Cummins  68RFE transmission parts  for your 2007.5 to 2019  Cummins. Our selection includes thermostatic bypass upgrades for  your transmission cooler, a variety of Billet torque Converters, and input shafts. Ever since 2013, Ram trucks have been known to run hotter than other vehicles. Our transmission cooler provides the best way to keep your ride safe—the thermostatic bypass module can help your truck run 87% cooler. Whether you want to increase the torque or RPMs of your Cummins, our billet multi-disk converters can get the job done. Our 68RFE transmission parts  collection includes input shafts we manufacture from maraging steel. This gives the part incredible strength and can add up to 25% more shock than a 300M billet. Check out our 68RFE parts for sale today!