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Home Cummins AS68RC (2007.5 to 2012)
Home Cummins AS68RC (2007.5 to 2012)
Next Gen Diesel offers a wide selection of aftermarket AS68RC transmissions, products, and rebuild kits. Whether you want to upgrade or fix up your vehicle, these AS68RC parts and components suit diesel Dodge Ram trucks manufactured between 2007.5 – 2012. Our transmissions come in various models including street, superstock, competition, and performance. The competition model is the most powerful, and compatible with engines with 1000HP. Our AS68RC parts include torque converters, input shafts, deep pans, valve bodies, output shafts, and much more. If you’re looking to fix up your diesel transmission yourself, opt for one of our corresponding rebuild kits. These kits include everything you’ll need. Check out our selection of aftermarket AAS68RC products today!
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