Allison Category 1 Triple Disc Billet Torque Converter


- Billet Lockup Apply Piston
- CNC-Machined Billet Steel Cover
- Balloon Plate
- 4140 Turbine Splines
- 4140 Hardened Hub
- 3 Carbon-Graphitic Clutch Discs
- Furnaced-Brazed Fins
- Torrington Thrust Bearing Stator Design
- Pressurized Hot Soak Leak Testing
- Computer-Balanced to Within .01 Gram
- Precisioned-Assembly by Caring American Workers
This Category 1 SunCoast Torque Converter fits all Allison transmissions and is engineered to handle all of your everyday duties. Whether you're towing a camper or hauling dirt to a job site, this torque converter is designed to improved vehicle response and give you years of solid, reliable performance. It comes with furnace-brazed fins and hardened turbine splines. The clutches in this converter are carbon-graphitic for precise and accurate lock-up. If you're looking to increase the performance of the factory unit and looking for a cost-effective solution this is the converter for you. This converter, while great for heavy duty towing and hauling, is it not intended for racing.